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Frequently Asked Questions

How to rotate x-axis tick labels in Matplotlib?

Rotate X-Axis Tick Labels in Matplotlib Now, let's take a look at how we can rotate the X-Axis tick labels here. There are two ways to go about it - change it on the Figure-level using plt.xticks () or change it on an Axes-level by using tick.set_rotation () individually, or even by using ax.set_xticklabels () and ax.xtick_params ().

How to attach labels to a chart in Matplotlib?

Long story short, Matplotlib doesn't attach the labels to the chart until the very end, when the chart is drawn. So if you try to call get_xticklabels () before that, you get empty strings. A relatively hacky fix is just to draw the chart before calling the method.

How to make a bar plot in Matplotlib?, height, width=0.8, bottom=None, *, align='center', data=None, **kwargs) [source] ¶ Make a bar plot. The bars are positioned at x with the given align ment. Their dimensions are given by height and width.

How do I set the properties of a Matplotlib object?

plt.setp is a powerful method that allows you to set the properties of many (all?) Matplotlib objects. Here we use it by handing it the set of tick labels and setting the rotation and alignment properties for them. While this looks like it's not OO, it actually is since you're using ax.get_xticklabels ().

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