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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you move Matplotlib Legend outside of the Axis?

Moving matplotlib legend outside of the axis makes it cutoff by the figure box 833 How do I set the figure title and axes labels font size? 565 pyplot scatter plot marker size

Is there a duplicate of set legend symbol opacity with Matplotlib?

Possible duplicate of Set legend symbol opacity with matplotlib? For the size you can include the keyword markerscale=## in the call to legend and that will make the markers bigger (or smaller). It's worth noting that URL has a date of 9 January, 2021, so is pretty recent. This solution also feels the most Python and "smells" right. ;-)

How to adjust the size of a figure in Matplotlib?

from matplotlib.pyplot import figure figure (figsize= (8, 6), dpi=80) figure (figsize= (1,1)) would create an inch-by-inch image, which would be 80-by-80 pixels unless you also give a different dpi argument. If you've already got the figure created, you can use figure.set_size_inches to adjust the figure size:

How to change the size of the symbol in the legend?

You can change the size of the symbol in the legend using the markerscale keyword. For example, ax.legend ( scatterpoints=1, loc='best', ncol=1, markerscale=0.5, fontsize=12) will reduce the symbol size by a factor 2. Thanks for your help.

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