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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of Matplotlib?

Initially, matplotlib was used to plot and visualize only 2D graphs, but we should thank the mplot3d toolkit available in the matplotlib library. We can visualize 3D plots such as 3D scatter plots, 3D line plots, Surface plots, Rotated plot angles, etc.

How to plot 3-D plots in Python?

To plot 3-D plots in python, we need to import the mplot3d library from the standard installation of matplotlib library from python. As matplotlib is a third-party library, it doesn’t come with a standard installation of python, so you need to install matplotlib before following this article.

How to change the view angle of a 3D plot?

At the last view_init () method is used to change the view angle of the 3D plot. The view_init () method takes two parameters: the elevation angle in the z-plane and the azimuth angle in the x & y plane. And finally, called the show () method to display the 3D plot.

How to generate a 3D plot using axes3d (figure) function?

Now using Axes3D (figure) function from the mplot3d library we can generate a required plot directly. Pass the data to the 3D plot and configure the title and labels. Note: We must needed to add ” %matplotlib widget “, it is a Jupyter magic widget and used to tell jupyter to use interactive backend for plot.

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