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Frequently Asked Questions

What is password challenge?

Password Challenge is used to reset lost or expired passwords by answering security questions (e.g., the city in which you were born). You MUST enroll in Password Challenge to use your EID. 1. Access Password Challenge at: 2. Enter yourEnterprise ID. 3.

How do I contact the Marriott help desk?

Need further assistance? Contact the Marriott help desk (240) 632-6000or [email protected] Request a new Password Username Company Name Email BACKSUBMIT

How do I Reset my Password for multiple accounts?

Email or Member Number Multiple accounts? Use your member number to reset your password. Look up member number.

What is a Marriott Enterprise ID (EID)?

Marriott International Confidential and Proprietary Information 1Enterprise ID (EID) and Password Challenge Enterprise ID (EID) All associates (management and non-management) need a Marriott Enterprise ID (EID) to access Marriott’s tools and resources, such as myHR, myLearning, and other business applications.

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