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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Marriott Global source use social media?

The Marriott Global Source brand is not the only company using the popular social media platform to attract new audiences. A number of attorneys, lawyers, and other brand owners have taken advantage of the platform to gain more exposure and build their brand.

What is the Marriott explore rate?

The Marriott “Explore Rate” is the name for the Marriott employee discount code that is offered to employees when traveling to Marriott hotels and resorts for leisure. These rates are heavily discounted and can also be extended to the employees’ family and friends, which is why it is often also referred to as the “Marriott Friends and Family” rate.

How do I get a Marriott explore rate authorization form?

To check complimentary rate availability, call (800) 826-1882 in the U.S. or call (402) 390-1600 ext. 2281578 outside of the U.S., or email: [email protected] . How do I get the Marriott Explore Rate Authorization Form? You will have to be an employee or have Marriott HR provide the form. Here are the steps: Enter your EID and password.

When is Marriott International's CFO speaking at the JP Morgan Conference?

Marriott International CFO To Speak at J.P. Morgan Gaming, Lodging, Restaurant & Leisure Management Access Forum September 14; Remarks To Be Webcast

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