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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there one way to be a Marlborough student?

That’s because there’s no “one way” to be a Marlborough student, which is just the way we like it. An independent school for girls located in the heart of Los Angeles, Marlborough offers both a middle school and upper school program on our unified campus.

Why choose amazingmarlborough high?

Marlborough High is the only high school in the Marlborough . Marlborough High is ranked #9,345 in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college.

What does a Marlborough financial aid award cover?

A Marlborough financial aid award, which can range from 5-100% of school expenses, covers most necessary expenses that your child will incur as part of the Marlborough experience. This includes items such as books, bus transportation, college counseling workshops and experiences, a laptop computer, and participation in extracurricular activities.

What is the ranking of mitmarlborough high school?

Marlborough High is ranked 252nd within Massachusetts. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® coursework and exams. The AP® participation rate at Marlborough High is 49%. The total minority enrollment is 59%. Marlborough High is the only high school in the Marlborough .

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