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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AT&T’s stock ticker?

In 2005, once the merger was finalized by government regulators, AT&T stock ticker on the New York Stock Exchange officially switched to the traditional “T,” and AT&T stock still trades under the same ticker today.

Is AT&T stock becoming more attractive?

With AT&T (NYSE: T) stock apparently becoming much more liked by the Street and pundits and the shares’ valuation continuing to be very attractive, I remain upbeat on T stock.

What happened to AT&T stock in 2009?

AT&T stock price hit a final downturn in the beginning of 2009. Shares have climbed almost constantly from that $23.77 low, and are up to the high $30 range as of August 2017. In 2016, AT&T reported a revenue of $163.8 billion, translating to an earnings-per-share of $2.10.

Is AT&T’s media business an albatross around its neck?

In a Sept. 17 column on T stock, I wrote that, “After eliminating the media assets that were an albatross around its neck, AT&T is poised to benefit meaningfully from government deals and higher data spending by its wireless customers.”

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