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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IBM's marketing mix and how does it work?

IBM’s marketing mix or 4Ps involve focus on key product lines, pricing based on market conditions and perceived product value, and a variety of distribution channels and promotional tactics for the information technology market. (Photo: Public Domain)

How much is an IBM stock worth?

One share of IBM stock can currently be purchased for approximately $133.59. How much money does International Business Machines make? International Business Machines has a market capitalization of $119.74 billion and generates $73.62 billion in revenue each year.

What is the target market for IBM?

IBM is in a varied line of businesses and amongst the leaders in the enterprise solution business segment. It uses a mix of psychographic, geographic and demographic segmentation variables. Selective targeting strategy is used by IBM to make the particular product and services available to their clients as per their requirement.

What is the competitive analysis in the marketing strategy of IBM?

Competitive analysis in the Marketing strategy of IBM – The company is working in a highly competitive environment where it competes with companies across varied segments of its businesses. Its competitors range from an MNC to small and niche enterprises.

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