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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose arc global market research?

The highest possible quality is the foundation of every ARC global market research study. In addition to global studies, ARC offers many studies in regional and country editions.

What is market intelligence and rapid analysis?

ARC’s Market Intelligence and Rapid Analysis (MIRA) platform lets you look at data, from various perspectives, easily and quickly. Building on ARC’s traditional market studies, MIRA brings ARC data into a powerful environment that can support over 100 product categories in over 30 vertical markets in all regions of the world.

What is arcarc and why use it?

ARC offers an exceptional understanding of global markets, not just from a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) perspective, but at a deeper level and with a knowledge of local industries, trends, supplier market shares, etc. This knowledge is stored as an ARC database and delivered as an Excel workbook for your analysis.

Why choose arc analysts?

Second, ARC Analysts have deep domain expertise in the areas they cover and results are vetted through their knowledge and vast industry relationships. Finally, research is delivered with both current year, forecast, and a five year history.

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