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What will the automotive industry look like in 2020?

The automotive industry’s economic center of gravity will continue to shift, as sales volumes and market share keep moving toward emerging markets. The global sales share of established markets will decline from 50 percent in 2012 to 40 percent in 2020; these will account for only about 25 percent of future volume growth. The pre -

What are some stock market predictions for 2020?

Here are 10 stock market predictions from chief market strategists, financial advisers and chief financial analysts. 1. Expect More Volatility in 2020

How much will emerging markets grow in 2020?

Emerging markets already account for 70 percent of entry segment sales, and these are growing 4.5 percent a year. The research indicates that global profits in this category will rise an estimated 3 percent a year, to a total of EUR 7 billion in 2020.

How big will the aftersales market be in 2020?

Aftersales automo - tive parts revenues on its own could grow from approximately EUR 20 billion in 2012 by 20 percent a year and reach nearly EUR 100 billion by 2020. A strong aftersales

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