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Frequently Asked Questions

What colleges offer marine ROTC?

The California State University San Marcos, San Diego State University and University of New Mexico offer undergraduate Marine ROTC programs. Marine ROTC scholarship programs are also offered in historically black colleges and universities, including Norfolk State University, Tennessee State University and Allen University.

What does ROTC do for you in the military?

The Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) is a college-to-military program that trains students to become commissioned officers while also earning their academic degrees. In exchange for employment as a commissioned officer post-graduation, cadets pledge to serve eight years of military service.

What is ROTC basic training?

ROTC Basic Training. Generally speaking the 4 years of ROTC is the basic training for that program. However, if you don't join ROTC until your junior year OR if you attend a MJC (Military Junior College) get your commission through the Early ECP (Commissioning Program) then yes you will need some sort of basic training.

What are the requirements to get into the Marine Corps?

Recruitment into the Marine Corps is very rigorous. Candidates must meet particular qualifications to be allowed to join the Marines, such as being between 17 and 29 years of age, passing a physical examination and earning a high school diploma.

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