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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many Marines in medical school?

Marines need qualified medical personnel on the battlefield and thats why the Field Medical Service School exists. For a Corpsman to be effective he has to earn the right to be regarded as a fellow Marine, and that can be an eye opening experience to many Navy Corpsmen unfamiliar with Marine Corps ways.

Is there a military medical school?

If you are looking for a military medical school, your search will be short and sweet. There is only one! The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. However, you may also be interested in military options to help pay for medical school.

What kind of scholarships does the Navy give for medical school?

There are two different Navy scholarships programs: the Health Professions Scholarship Program and the Health Services Collegiate Program. Each scholarship covers most, if not all, medical school expenses in exchange for military service following graduation. If you have graduated medical school graduate...

How much do military medical students get paid?

You will be PAID while going to medical school at the “full salary and benefits of a second lieutenant or ensign throughout all four years of school.” This equates to $2,784 per month for the 2011 budget. Now that’s what I call a great deal and a great reason to consider a this military medical school.

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