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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to mctims?

Step one is to go to the MCTIMS website at - you will need to access the website from a governmetn computer or Common Access Card (CAC) equiped computer. After you have logged on with your CAC, click ' My Modules ' in the top left corner, and then ' Training Resource Module '.

How to access MCTFS?

How to access mctfs Figure 42: MCTIMS Access Process Slideshow Click to play or to advance to the next slide With your CAC inserted, open Internet Explorer, navigate to the MCTIMS Homeport, and select the correct security certificate (Steps 1-4 of the previous section) to continue and view the User Agreement screen.

How many Marines are in the US Marine Corps?

As a starting point, a modern U.S. Marine Corps infantry regiment contains approximately 3065 Marines and U.S. Navy personnel. It consists of one regimental headquarters company of 182 members and three identical Marine infantry battalions of 961 members each.

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