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Frequently Asked Questions

What US city has the most ZIP codes?

New York City had the most zip codes in the top 10 of Forbes' annual list of "America's Most Expensive Zip Codes.". The city had six zip codes in the top 10 that cut across such tony neighborhoods as SoHo, Chelsea and the Meatpacking District.

What is the worst ZIP code in America?

If you’re curious enough, here are the worst zip codes in the USA, according to science. 85911 – Arizona 78829 – Batesville, TX 89520 – Blue Gap, AZ 92257 – Niland, CA 57756- Manderson, SD

How many ZIP codes are there in the United States of America?

Currently there are 42,000 zip codes in the United States.

What is the lowest ZIP code in the United States?

The lowest in-use zip code is 00501 and it belongs to the IRS mail processing center located in Holtsville, New York. Conversely, the highest in-use zip code, 99950, belongs to the city of Ketchikan, Alaska.

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