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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the earliest images of London Docks?

The earliest images date from the late 1850s. The bulk of the images cover the enclosed docks of London and all of the reaches of the River Thames. Many aspects of cargo-handling operations for the very varied commodities are depicted, as well as general dock and ship views.

Where did ships dock on the Thames?

In Roman and medieval times, ships arriving in the River Thames tended to dock at small quays in the present-day City of London or Southwark, an area known as the Pool of London.

What is the Museum of London Docklands?

Museum of London Docklands, near Canary Wharf. The docks were originally built and managed by a number of competing private companies. From 1909, they were managed by the Port of London Authority (PLA) which amalgamated the companies in a bid to make the docks more efficient and improve labour relations.

Who is the author of London docks of the 1960s?

The author of London Docks of the 1960s, Mark Lee Inman, was a student at Queen Mary’s College in the second half of the 1960s. It was a time when the port, from Tilbury up to the Pool of London, was still thriving, prior to the introduction of containerization and roll-on/roll-off ferries.

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