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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the earliest map of London?

This is the earliest complete (ish) map of London in existence, probably based on the earlier-still Copperplate Map, which is mostly lost. The original version, from the 1560s, was long believed to be the work of cartographer Ralph Agas, and so sometimes goes by the name of the Agas Map. Historians now doubt the attribution.

What is this online interactive map of central London?

This online interactive map of central London is made up of extracts from the London A-Z Street Atlas - Historical Edition. The map, which includes bus, trolleybus and tram routes, shows the streets of London as they were just before the Second World War.

What is the London street atlas?

As a facsimile reproduction of the A to Z London Street Atlas, circa 1938/39, this publication shows street mapping of London as it was before the Second World War bombing and the redevelopments that followed - and may be of assistance in tracing family history for that period.

What is the Outer London map?

Outer London. This map of the area round London was produced by order of the House of Commons for the 21st report of the Commissioners of Revenue Inquiry. The map's title is at top right with areas of various postal delivery services highlighted in colour. Basire, James 1830

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