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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is the map of London?

For more information see the ' Aids To Dating This Map ' section below. By June 1869 Bacon had relocated to 127 Strand, where he built one of the most commercially successful map businesses that London has ever known.

Who made the first large scale map of London?

This map originates from a large scale map of London compiled and engraved by Edward Weller F.R.G.S., issued in parts as supplements to the Weekly Dispatch newspaper during 1861 and 1862. The map consisted of nine sheets on a scale of 9 ⅜ " to 1 Statute mile.

What is the scale of the 1889 poverty map of London?

These maps are collectively known as the Descriptive Map of London Poverty 1889. They use Stanford's Library Map of London and Suburbs at a scale of 6 inches to 1 mile (1:10560) as their base. A digital image of the 1889 map has been made by the University of Michigan.

When was the first edition of the Greenwoods'map of London issued?

This is a later edition of the Greenwoods' map of London first issued in 1827. Set within a decorative border, the map features title at top right, view of Westminster Abbey with key to symbols and colours at bottom left and view of St. Paul's Cathedral with reference table at bottom right. Greenwood, Christopher and John 1854

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