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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the first edition of the Greenwoods map of London?

This is a later edition of the Greenwoods' map of London first issued in 1827. Set within a decorative border, the map features title at top right, view of Westminster Abbey with key to symbols and colours at bottom left and view of St. Paul's Cathedral with reference table at bottom right.

When was the New London Bridge built?

Construction of New London Bridge commenced in 1824, with the bridge opening on 1 August 1831. Work on St. Katharine's Dock commenced in May of 1827 and it opened on 25 October 1828, clearly dating this map somewhere between October 1828 and August 1831.

When was the first folding map of London published?

This is a later edition of Laurie and Whittle's folding map of London, first published in 1804. The title appears as an old inscription on an illustrated pyramid at top left, also showing city arms, ship, flag, anchor, flora and fauna.

What does Smith's map of London show?

This is the first known edition of Smith's map entitled 'New Map Of London,' and as such it is difficult to date accurately. This copy shows the positions of both Old London Bridge and the proposed New London Bridge, as well as the new St. Katharine's Dock.

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