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How did the map of London change in the 18th century?

From GRAVESEND to WINDSOR East and West, and from ST. ALBANS to WESTERHAM North and South with the CIRCUIT of the PENNY POST In the second half of the18th century, the introduction of turnpike roads and the increased coach-traffic in and out of London contributed to the popularity of the maps of the countryside around the capital.

What is the scale of a map of London?

Map of London 1862 - 1871 Source: Stanford (Edward), Library Map of London and its Suburbs. Scale: 6 inches to one Eng. statute mile See also: a collection of Maps of Londonfrom the 18th - 20th Century London North West London North East London South West London South East

What are Victorian maps of London?

Victorian maps of London: a unique collection of ten maps from the 1800's. Each of these editions are available as an individually printed fine art print, at a quality exceeding museum quality standards.

What is on the map of London in 1857?

Also on the map are the Metropolitan Railway line to Finsbury, the proposed site of Charing Cross station (built in 1864) and the planned London, Chatham and Dover line. Cruchley, George Frederick 1857 Looking for Google Maps API Alternative ?

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