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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Kent?

See Article History. Kent, one of the kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England, probably geographically coterminous with the modern county, famous as the site of the first landing of Anglo-Saxon settlers in Britain, as the kingdom that received the first Roman mission to the Anglo-Saxons, and for its distinctive social and administrative customs.

Who was the king of Kent in the 8th century?

From the mid-8th century, Offa, king of Mercia, established his power in Kent, which remained subject to Mercia until conquered by Egbert, king of Wessex, in 825. Henceforward, Kent was a province of Wessex, whose kings became kings of all England in the mid-10th century.

What is the earliest map of Britain?

Donated to the Bodlian Library in the 19th century, the Gough map is the earliest known map of Britain to give a detailed representation of the country’s roads. 4. Portolan Chart by Pietro Visconte – c. 1325 Portolan charts were key to maritime navigation in the medieval world.

What is the earliest evidence of human occupation of Kent?

The earliest evidence for the human occupation of Kent is found near Canterbury, where stone tools dating to 560,000 years ago have been discovered. During the Neolithic the Medway megaliths were built and there is a rich sequence of Bronze Age occupation indicated by finds and features such as the Ringlemere gold cup .

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