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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does pallet racking cost?

Warehouse Pallet System Average Costs. Single-deep pallet racks tend to run $50 to $80 per pallet position. Double-deep pallet racks usually sell for $80 to $200 per pallet position. Gravity-flow racks are the most expensive, running $200 to $400 per pallet position.

What is a warehouse storage rack?

Warehouse Racks. Tier-Rack is a rack manufacturer specializing in standard size as well as custom warehouse stack rack, portable warehouse storage bins, shipping rack, warehouse shelving and other storage systems and material handling containers. In the warehouse or distribution center, Tier-Rack® warehouse racking saves space, time and money.

What are the different types of warehouse storage systems?

6 Types of Warehouse Storage Systems Static Shelving. As the name suggests, static shelves are storage mechanisms that are designed to stay in one place. ... Mobile Shelving. Similar to static shelving, mobile shelving is a completely adjustable solution that is meant to hold your manually-picked items, but the difference here is that many of ... Pallet Racking. ... Multi-Tier Racking. ... More items...

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