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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do we offer for board game manufacturing?

Professional sampling and printing services. The mass production lines include paper-based components such as cards, boards, punch boards, boxes, standard or customized wooden components, plastic dice and miniatures. Delivery service is conducted by the partnership DHL and UPS. Board game manufacturing has always been our business focus.

What is the manufacturing game®?

The Manufacturing Game®. The Manufacturing Game® simulation two-day workshops create a lasting reliability culture through Systems Thinking, Cross Functional Behavior and Defect Intolerance.

Who is the owner of board game design?

Board Game Design is a registered trademark of MJS Creations, LLC. For other design services, please visit

Why choose our game boards&game boxes?

Our game boards & boxes are up to 300% the density/thickness of standard games. PLUS, we have a strong, special laminated coating on all game board & game box prints for a pristine quality look & feel, durability, and for more years of game play. We manufacture globally superior quality products with low pricing and low minimum orders!

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