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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gage Assembly?

THREE GENERATIONS OF PRECISION. Founded in Chicago in 1953, Gage Assembly has provided specialized thread gages used to check parts utilized in space exploration and in satellite technology. The company also executes quality assurance on behalf of components for machinery and equipment operated across a variety of manufacturing processes around the world.

What is Gage marketing?

Gage is an independent marketing agency that leverages innovative technical platforms with a full range of marketing services to help clients sell more. We go beyond traditional marketing by developing platforms and programs that are squarely at the intersection of marketing technology and customer experience.

What is Gage engineering?

Gage engineers are leaders in the specification of building systems, providing complete design and. construction administration of Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing / Fire Protection systems. Partners and clients have come to expect a high level of accuracy and reliability in the design.

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