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Frequently Asked Questions

Do manufactured homes go up in value?

One attribute of stick-built homes is that their resale values tend to increase over time. On the other hand, the perception surrounding manufactured homes is that they don't appreciate much in value or that they may even depreciate in value. For example, the "" website says that manufactured homes generally decrease in value.

Are manufactured homes built to last?

Manufactured homes are sturdy and built to last. The stereotypes of mobile homes as flimsy and disposable are just another misconception. In fact, manufactured homes are actually quite sturdy and well-built. That's because mobile home manufacturers are tightly regulated to ensure that their products are safe and durable.

Do manufactured homes build equity?

Unless you pay for a manufactured home in cash and have instant, 100 percent equity, the chances are good that your equity will take time to build. This is due in part to the fact that many traditional lenders avoid servicing manufactured home loans even if you have excellent credit.

Are manufactured homes good?

Manufactured homes can be good flips or cash flow generators, but typically don't appreciate much. And there's great risk to buying a manufactured home, including the inability to get financing, higher insurance costs, and the greater risk of storm damage.

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