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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered mandatory training?

Mandatory training is any type of training that an employee must attend as a component of his or her job. In many areas, mandatory training must be paid according to the employee's normal salary or hourly wage, because otherwise employers might abuse mandatory training in order to get free labor.

How to make mandatory training effective?

How To Make Your Mandatory Training More Exciting Create a Dynamic Framework. Create a framework that allows content to easily evolve and develop over time rather than repeating the same content each year. Condense Your Content. The time it takes to finish a mandatory training course can be overwhelming. ... Focus on the Employees. ... Add Interactivity and Engagement. ... Give Your Employees Options. ...

What is annual mandatory training?

Annual Mandatory Training CDSE maintains the Security Awareness Hub which provides frequently-assigned courses, including mandatory annual training, to DOD and other U.S. Government and defense industry personnel who do not require transcripts to fulfill training requirements for their specialty.

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