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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book A Genius Bar appointment?

The easiest way to book a Genius Bar appointment is via an iOS or iPadOS device. When signed in to your Apple ID on one of these devices, booking an Apple Genius Bar appointment is really effortless, thanks to the ever-useful Apple Support app. If you don't already have it installed, you need to download Apple Support from the App Store first. 1.

What is the Genius Bar?

The Apple Genius Bar is a dedicated tech support service in Apple's retail stores. Customers experiencing problems with products or applications can make an appointment for one-on-one assistance with an expert. Experts have multiple certification levels to best assist customers. How do I cancel a Genius Bar appointment?

Does the Genius Bar do Apple repairs?

The Genius Bar offers assistance with all available Apple devices. They can assist with hardware and software questions and concerns. However, know that some repairs cannot be completed in-store. The Genius Bar does have to send your device off for some larger repairs and for computer screen repairs.

How do I Reserve an appointment with Apple?

On the Summary page, check the details of your appointment. When you’re satisfied, tap the “Reserve” button at the bottom of the screen. Before you head to your appointment, be sure to read Apple’s instructions for preparing your device for service. Most importantly, you’ll want to back up your device to avoid losing data.

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