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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Genius Bar in the Apple Store?

The Apple Store is a glorious place to shop for all of your Apple device and accessory needs, but they can also help you with questions and repairs. The Genius Bar inside of the Apple Store is the official place to get assistance with your Apple device hardware issues. Let's look at how to book a Genius Bar appointment next time you need one.

How do I get a Genius Bar appointment?

For some topics, the Apple site doesn't offer a Genius Bar appointment as an option. Instead, it suggests a phone call or online chat with Apple support. You can use these options or, if you really prefer an in-person appointment, just select The topic is not listed in step 2 above. Choose how you'd like to get help.

How do I make a reservation to see a genius?

To ensure that you get to make a reservation, you will need to do something that ensures that you see a Genius, such as hardware problem. Otherwise, you get taken through a myriad of other questions to try and solve the problem without going to see a Genius. What you say there doesn't matter, just what you say when you get to the appointment.

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