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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update the gpupdate/force update policy?

Within the Command Line window, type gpupdate /force and then press Enter on your keyboard. The line "Updating Policy..." should appear in the Command Line window below where you just typed. When the update has finished, you should be presented with a prompt to either logoff or restart your computer.

How do I force a group policy update from the command line?

Click Yes in the Force Group Policy update dialog box. This is the equivalent to running GPUpdate.exe /force from the command line. The Remote Group Policy update results window displays only the status of scheduling a Group Policy refresh for each computer located in the selected OU and any OUs contained within the selected OU.

How to force user policy updates in Windows 10?

Update User Policies Only. If you want to update the User Policies only, you can use the below command. Keep in mind that the below command will not update the Computer Policies. gpupdate /target:user (Alternative) Force User Policy Updates: If you see any error messages or problems, use the below command to force the user policy updates.

How to force an immediate Group Policy refresh for all computers?

You can force an immediate Group Policy refresh for all Group Policy settings for all computers in a single OU when you combine the Get-ADComputer with the Invoke-GPUpdate cmdlet and set the –-RandomDelayInMinutes to 0.

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