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Frequently Asked Questions

How machine learning can be used to improve customer satisfaction?

Machine learning can be used in many ways to help customers and enhance customer satisfaction. A great example is the use of chatbots. Chatbots can identify and resolve issues by conversing with the customer in a natural manner. Machine learning can help businesses offer superior, personalized customer support on a large scale.

How can machine learning help customer service leads?

Customer service leads can leverage various machine learning capabilities to meet these KPIs. Below are some of the use cases of machine learning that can be applied to common traditional call center processes. Task automation – Manual tasks could be replaced by machine learning based task automation.

How can machine learning help ecommerce retailers?

In order to provide an experience similar to that a customer would have in-store, ecommerce retailers need to collect huge amounts of data and make sense of it. This is where machine learning can help. It can help ecommerce retailers run targeted campaigns that can convert prospective buyers into actual ones.

Why is sentiment analysis important to determine customer satisfaction?

Sentiment model: As sentiment analysis is important to determine customer satisfaction, it was required to develop a machine learning model to detect sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) towards the customer service representative based on transcribed text input.

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