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Frequently Asked Questions

What is crowd counting?

76 papers with code • 6 benchmarks • 14 datasets Crowd Counting is a task to count people in image. It is mainly used in real-life for automated public monitoring such as surveillance and traffic control.

What is crowdcrowd people counter technology?

Crowd People Counter technology adds new value to network cameras. For instance, by recording a time series of the number of people entering a venue, trends in crowd flow can be analyzed by time of day or day of the week.

What is cancanon's crowd counting technology?

Canon has developed an AI-powered crowd counting technology that counts the number of people in an area instantaneously, which can be employed at a wide variety of locations where congestion is expected to occur. 2019/12/19 Featured Technology

What is people counting technology?

Canon’s people counting technology enables more effective use of images from network cameras and is now being increasingly deployed in a wide variety of fields. Please send us feedback on how we can improve our contents.

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