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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best institutes in India for machine learning courses?

There are handsful of good institutes in India which are offering Machine Learning/ Data Science Classroom/Online courses. I recommend IT Bodhi as one of the best institute in Delhi, NCR providing “Machine Learning/ Data Science with Python” course for Industry Professionals and Fresh graduates.

What did ml-India learn from its sixth machine learning meetup in 2016?

ML-India is pleased to inform that the sixth machine learning meetup in its Gurgaon chapter was held on 18th December 2016. The members discussed about the learnings and the doubts that they had from Week 2 of CS231, a computer vision and deep learning course offered by Stanford.

What are machine learning courses?

Machine Learning Courses deal with the knowledge of making machines self-learning without much effort from the user. They help in developing computer programs which learn as the data gets used up as they come across .

What is the market size of machine learning in India?

According to the Machine Learning and AI market in India as of July-Aug 2020 stands at USD 6.4 Billion spread across IT, BFSI and Technology sectors which forms 76.32% of the market share. Machine Learning is closely associated with Artificial Intelligence Courses and is taught in courses such as BTech Computer Science and AI.

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