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Frequently Asked Questions

What are machine learning model cards?

Machine learning models are now being used to accomplish many challenging tasks. With their vast potential, ML models also raise questions about their usage, construction, and limitations. Documenting the answers to these questions helps to bring clarity and shared understanding. To help advance these goals, Google has introduced model cards.

What is machine learning and how does it help businesses?

Machine learning helps businesses understand their customers, build better products and services, and improve operations. With accelerated data science, businesses can iterate on and productionize solutions faster than ever before all while leveraging massive datasets to refine models to pinpoint accuracy.

What is a model card?

Model cards aim to provide a concise, holistic picture of a machine learning model. To start, a model card explains what a model does, its intended audience, and who maintains it. A model card also provides insight into the construction of the model, including its architecture and the training data used.

What does Rapids bring to machine learning?

The RAPIDS tools bring to machine learning engineers the GPU processing speed improvements deep learning engineers were already familiar with. To make products that use machine learning we need to iterate and make sure we have solid end to end pipelines, and using GPUs to execute them will hopefully improve our outputs for the projects.

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