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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a synergy between machine learning and causal inference?

The synergy goes in both directions; causal inference benefitting from machine learning and the other way around. Current machine learning systems lack the ability to leverage the invariances imprinted by the underlying causal mechanisms towards reasoning about generalizability, explainability, interpretability, and robustness.

What are the challenges of causal inference?

Current approaches for causal inference, including emerging methodologies that combine causal and machine learning methods, still face fundamental methodological challenges that prevent widespread application. These challenges are often connected with the nature of the data that are analyzed.

What is the machine learning and causality workshop?

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together experts from different fields to discuss the relationships between machine learning and causal inference and to discuss and highlight the formalization and algorithmization of causality toward achieving human-level machine intelligence.

Is causal inference missing from the AI puzzle?

However, a growing segment of the machine learning community recognizes that there are still fundamental pieces missing from the AI puzzle, among them causal inference.

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