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Frequently Asked Questions

What songs are in the song Push It?

About “Push It” 1 Push It 2 Beauty And The Beat 3 Tramp (Remix) 4 I’ll Take Your Man 5 It’s Alright 6 Chick On The Side 7 I Desire 8 The Showstopper (Is Stupid Fresh) 9 My Mic Sounds Nice

What is the meaning of the song Push It by Bill Gates?

Kevin Gates said of this track in a press release, "'Push It' is about conquering yourself. Sometimes, your biggest obstacle is you. A warrior's greatest gold is truth.

What is push it by Salt-n-Pepa about?

“Push It” is Salt-N-Pepa’s first hit song and one of their most famous. Although often mistaken as a song about sex, the group insists “Push It” is about dancing. Written… Read More Get up on this! Dance, I said!) Hey! Ow! Push it good! Can't you hear the music's pumpin' hard like I wish you would? Get up on this! Ah, get up on this!

Who is push it by NLE Choppa?

“Push It” is the second track off of Me vs. Me, the third mixtape from Memphis rapper, NLE Choppa. It features Atlanta rapper, Young Thug.

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