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Frequently Asked Questions

Who hacked Lake Washington School District's website?

[KIRKLAND] – (MTN) White Nationalists hacked the Lake Washington School District website and replaced the homepage and other resources with offensive and racist content on Thursday. Reports of the site being defaced spread quickly on social media during the afternoon hours.

Does Lake Washington School District (LWSD) condemn this language?

Lake Washington School District (LWSD) does not, in any way, condone this type of language and we are saddened that this action is intentionally trying to hurt people of certain races and cultures.

What does LWSD stand for?

Lake Washington School District (LWSD) has been named a National Board Accomplished District by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). Welcome to the pack! Three Timberline Middle School students share what they like about their new school.

How can LWSD engage the community?

higher SAT scores in reading, writing and math than the national average in 2019. of our students enter a 2– or 4–year college directly after high school. parents, students and community members who volunteer at LWSD. To engage our community, our district must be focused on strong partnerships, outstanding service and clear communication.

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