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Frequently Asked Questions

Does librarylwsd offer transportation for students enrolled in quest programs?

LWSD offers limited bus transportation for students enrolled in the Middle School Quest programs at Kamiakin Middle School, Redmond Middle School and Evergreen Middle School. For more information on Quest bus schedules, view the Middle School Quest Bus Schedules.

What does LWSD offer for highly capable students?

Lake Washington School District (LWSD) offers three different programs for highly capable students in grades one through five. Students who qualify for highly capable services maintain gifted designation through middle and high school.

How is a student assigned to a quest school?

The district assigns a student to attend a Full-time Quest school based on his/her home address. School assignment is subject to change. For more information about Full-time Quest placement, view the Elementary FTQ School Assignment Chart.

Where do LWSD students take the district administered academic assessments?

All LWSD first grade students take the district administered academic assessments at their home school. Students who meet the screening criteria will be invited in November to complete the online application.

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