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Frequently Asked Questions

How many middle schools does LWSD have?

Report an issue with one of our facilities? LWSD has eight neighborhood middle schools. In addition, six choice middle schools provide optional schooling alternatives to serve specific needs and interests. Contact school for more information.

Will LWSD continue to offer elementary band for 2020-21?

Elementary Band program for 21-22(updtd Sept 10): We look forward to meeting New and Returning Elementary Banders! WE are excited that LWSD will continue to offer Elementary Band for 2020-21!

When is Lake Washington School District open enrollment 2021?

Lake Washington Schools Open Enrollment Is February 1-26, 2021 Lake Washington School District Announces Pathway Forward Lake Washington School District Budget Earns Meritorious Budget Award for Fourth-Straight Year Juanita High School Students Vote on New Mascot close panel Lake Washington School District

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