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Frequently Asked Questions

What does LWSD stand for?

Lake Washington School District (LWSD) Transition Academy is a winner of the 2021 Corporate Strides Award and Community Partner Award. Each year, Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center recognizes outstanding organizations for going above and beyond through volunteer service and/or financial contributions to support the Little Bit mission.

Are there bus driver shortages in Lake Washington School District?

– Sixteen LWSD students earn perfect ACT scores Lake Washington School District continues to experience bus driver shortages due to COVID. As a result, we may be unable to cover all our routes and/or some buses will be running late. The Transportation Department will communicate with families of students whose routes will be affected each day.

Does the district provide transportation to students who live outside the district?

The district provides transportation only to those students living outside a one-mile radius, unless the district has reviewed walk routes and determined no safe walk routes are available.

How do I find a school or bus route?

You may also use E-Link or the School & Bus Finder tool. Emails that are sent out are automated and based on the route information on the date they were printed and are subject to change. We recommend that you check the online route information the day before school starts to verify there are no changes.

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