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Frequently Asked Questions

What does LWSD stand for?

Lake Washington School District (LWSD) Transition Academy is a winner of the 2021 Corporate Strides Award and Community Partner Award. Each year, Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center recognizes outstanding organizations for going above and beyond through volunteer service and/or financial contributions to support the Little Bit mission.

What does LWSD offer for highly capable students?

Lake Washington School District (LWSD) offers three different programs for highly capable students in grades one through five. Students who qualify for highly capable services maintain gifted designation through middle and high school.

Who will be the 2021-2022 National Lifechanger of the year?

Lake Washington School District health services manager Dr. Keandra Thompson has been nominated for the 2021-2022 national LifeChanger of the Year award.

How do I Return my LWSD student to LWSD?

Returning LWSD Students: Students who return to LWSD after moving out of district boundaries and who previously received highly capable services in LWSD should complete the Transfer Form found on the Accelerated Programs webpage for review by the Multidisciplinary Selection Committee.

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