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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Change my Louisiana Medicaid plan?

Choose Louisiana Healthcare Connections as Your Medicaid Plan. If you would like to become a Louisiana Healthcare Connections member, call Healthy Louisiana at 1-855-229-6848 or visit and click on “Choose a health plan.” Once you are determined eligible for Medicaid, you have 90 days to change your health plan.

What are the requirements for Medicaid in Louisiana?

Louisiana Medicaid Eligibility Requirements - Non Income. To get full Medicaid coverage, enrollees must be U.S. citizens or qualified aliens and live in Louisiana. Undocumented immigrants may only get Medicaid to cover emergencies, such as a delivery of a baby.

What is the Louisiana health plan?

The Louisiana Health Plan was created in 1992 in order to provide a coverage option for state residents who couldn’t get private plans in the individual market because of their medical histories. But Obamacare’s guaranteed issue provision means that pre-existing conditions are now covered on all policies,...

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