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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a loup garou?

Loup Garou (Rougarou): The Cajun Legend - Mythologian Loup Garou (Rougarou): The Cajun Legend A loup garou is a mythical creature in French, Canadian and American folklores which is believed to come into existence as a result of a curse. It is basically the same thing with a rougarou /rugaru/roux-ga-roux/rugaroo.

Where do loup garous live?

The belief in loup garous is especially strong among French Canadians, Cajun people and the people of Louisiana. According to a Cajun legend, loup garous wander around in forests and swamps of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana.

What is a Rougarou in Louisiana?

French and French Canadian settlers eventually spread the legend of the rougarou to Louisiana, and it was through the cajun French that the term loup-garou evolved into rougarou. Often described as half-man, half-wolf, the rougarou is essentially a French version of the werewolf.

Are Loup garouss a curse or a choice?

An expert on Cajun folklore, Professor Barry Jean Ancelet of the University of Louisiana wrote in an article that loup garous were a result of a curse but sometimes a person voluntarily chose to become one.

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