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Frequently Asked Questions

What category was Hurricane Zeta when it hit Louisiana?

"Hurricane Zeta upgraded from Category 2 to 3 in new post-storm report". The Houma Courier. Houma, Louisiana: MSN. Staff. Retrieved May 14, 2021. ^ a b John P. Cangialosi (October 29, 2020). "Tropical Storm Zeta Intermediate Advisory Number 18A". Miami, Florida: National Hurricane Center.

Will there be a hurricane Zeta in October 2020?

Hurricane Zeta 17 Table 2. Selected ship reports with winds of at least 34 kt for Hurricane Zeta, 24-29 October 2020. Date/Time (UTC) Ship call sign

Did Hurricane Zeta cause any flooding?

However, the NHC noted that Zeta was such a fast-moving storm that flooding associated with it was minimal. Zeta was a late-season hurricane that first made landfall on the Yucatan Peninsula as a Category 1 and then again near Cocodrie, Louisiana, on October 28, punctuating a season that already battered southern Louisiana.

What is the name of the hurricane that hit Louisiana?

For other storms of the same name, see Tropical Storm Zeta. Hurricane Zeta was a late-season major hurricane that made landfall on the Yucatán Peninsula and then in southeastern Louisiana. It was the record-tying sixth hurricane of the year to make landfall in the United States.

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