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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Louisiana Grill SL700 a pellet grill?

The Louisiana Grill SL700 is a basic pellet grill, no 'frills. ' Louisiana Grills customer service promptly sent out new wheels but they where the wrong ones. The resulting blaze blistered the paint and fried the electronics which had to be put out with a fire extinguisher and left the grill unusable.

Is Louisiana grills a good brand?

The company is a well-known brand with some history. Headquartered in Alberta, Canada, Louisiana Grills products are available in the USA online as well as in some hearth and patio stores. For years, the company has experimented with different designs and features to improve the quality of their products.

What is the difference between the Louisiana grills founder series grills?

There are two models in the Louisiana grills founder premier category. There is some difference between the two but the main one is the grill surface. As the names give it away already the 800 has 846 square inches and the 1200 comes 1205 square inches. The Louisiana grill founders’ legacy series also comes with two models.

What is the temperature of a Louisiana Grill?

Temperature range is between 170°F and 600°F. Flame Broiler allows you to grill over an open flame. Hopper capacity is 14 pounds. Some users complain that the grill is prone to rust. Louisiana Grills LG700 is one of the sturdiest grills you will come across.

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