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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Louisiana grills 24″ kamado grills any good?

This Louisiana Grills 24″ ceramic kamado charcoal grill is one of the larger ones with its 24 inches diameter. That means you can cook a lot of food on it. The double-walled feature is one of the things you will only find in the Kamado grills with the ceramic inside. Heat retaining is no problem with this feature.

Is the 2020 Louisiana Grill 24 any good?

I got the 2020 Louisiana Grills 24 from Costco UK a couple of weeks ago. I know it differs from unit to unit, but mine has been pretty good so far. The gauge shows correct (tried it over boiling water), I haven't spotted much leak at the lower vent or around the top vent (though I still added a 2nd layer of seal there).

What kind of Grill is the Louisiana Grill?

The Louisiana Grills® 24" Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Grill features a thick ceramic body. The sophisticated design includes a high-temperature gloss black finish, and cold rolled steel trim.

What kind of charcoal does Louisiana grills use?

It’s also worth noting that Louisiana Grills designed the 24-Inch Kamado to work on high-quality jumbo lump charcoal which is known for imparting a superior smoky flavor. However, it also has a penchant for flareups and temperature control problems.

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