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Frequently Asked Questions

Why exactly is Lost Ark so popular?

Why exactly is Lost Ark so popular. DA: 15 PA: 36 MOZ Rank: 69. We also know that Lost Ark was a big hit on its Korean launch; According to a report by the Korea Herald, Lost Ark drew "A record 350,000 concurrent users" on its national debut

How does Lost Ark actually compare to Diablo II?

Lost Ark does provide what is the crudest part of the ... you'll never see me again," you might as well go all the way in the other direction. Diablo II has way less lizard-bum wrangling, and actually way less quest-giving in general, so you don't feel ...

Is Lost Ark a good game?

Lost Ark is a really solid game but the community will decide if it’s good a year from now. Performance For the most part, Lost Ark looked good and played decently.

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