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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this 1850 London Plan by Joseph Cross uncatalogued?

This 1850 London plan by Joseph Cross is previously uncatalogued, appearing in neither Howgego nor Hyde, although I am uncertain if it is cited in Boyle. Howgego records a Cross plan c1847 ( No. 317-11) with no date in the title or imprint, which showed Victoria Park and the New Houses of Parliament, both present on this 1850 plan.

What is the earliest map of London?

This is the earliest complete (ish) map of London in existence, probably based on the earlier-still Copperplate Map, which is mostly lost. The original version, from the 1560s, was long believed to be the work of cartographer Ralph Agas, and so sometimes goes by the name of the Agas Map. Historians now doubt the attribution.

Where are the parishes in London and Westminster?

Parishes in London and Westminster, outside the City of London The map on the facing page has been redrawn from those accompanying W. Loftie's History of London(1884), for which the base map was Rocque's 'Environs of London' (1763). Key to numbers 1. St Anne Soho 2. St Paul Covent Garden 3. St Giles in the Fields 4. St George Bloomsbury 5.

What is the most detailed mapping of London by Ordnance Survey?

The most detailed mapping of London by Ordnance Survey, from just over a century ago. The five foot to the mile or 1:1,056 scale covered the capital in 729 sheets, based on a revision and survey of 1891-5. We are very grateful to David Rumsey for supporting the scanning and georeferencing of this series.

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