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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the map of Early Modern London?

What is The Map of Early Modern London? MoEML Director Janelle Jenstad introduces the project. The quays or keys along the Thames changed names according to their owners.... Read more You are looking at a static release of MoEML, v.6.6 released on June 30, 2021. See the Release Notes for an overview of new content and features in v.6.6.

What was London like in the 1840s?

In the early to mid-19th century London was perhaps at its height. For long the World capital, by 1840 London was the most populous city in the western world with almost twice the population of Paris. It was also the richest city, with a globally dominant economy - Europe's first modern trading, financial and industrial centre.

What is on the map of London in 1857?

Also on the map are the Metropolitan Railway line to Finsbury, the proposed site of Charing Cross station (built in 1864) and the planned London, Chatham and Dover line. Cruchley, George Frederick 1857 Looking for Google Maps API Alternative ?

When did B are Davies make maps of London?

London 1843 B.R. Davies made detailed maps of London from about 1840 to 1869, and this is one of his earliest. Buildings, parks, roads, bridges, and important sites are identified. ( more ...)

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