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What was London like in the 1800s?

Its population expanded from 1 million in 1800 to 6.7 million a century later. During this period, London became a global political, financial, and trading capital. In this position, it was largely unrivalled until the latter part of the century, when Paris and New York began to threaten its dominance.

What was the population of London in 1750?

London was the only great city in Britain in 1750, with a population of 2/3 of a million people; this rose to over 3 million by 1900. What was the population of London in 1800s?

What is the population of Greater London?

At the 2001 census, the population of the Greater London Urban Areawas 8,278,251.This area does not include some outliers within Greater London, but does extend into the adjacent South East Englandand East of Englandregions. In 2004 the London Planof the Mayor of Londondefined a metropolitan regionwith a population of 18 million.

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