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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes London Fog?

Scientists finally know what caused a mysterious fog to kill 12,000 people in London in 1952. "People have known that sulfate was a big contributor to the fog, and sulfuric acid particles were formed from sulfur dioxide released by coal burning for residential use and power plants, and other means," explained Zhang.

Is there really fog in London?

Londoners will tell you that London is not actually that foggy. The famous London fog was actually the result of pollution. That’s unpleasant, but for a few days in 1952, it turned into something more: The Great Smog.

Are London Fog trench coats waterproof?

London Fog keeps your look classic in this double-breasted trench coat, designed with a water-resistant finish and polished notched collar. Our Normal Gift Boxing is not available for this item.

Is London Fog waterproof?

London Fog makes waterproof coats for the U.S. navy during WWII. Partners with DuPont to create a water repellant durable material. London Fog introduces coats for women, develops the first removable liner and patents a process to strengthen buttons and an inner barrier for extra weather protection.

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