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Frequently Asked Questions

Is London broil the same as top round?

It's also the same area that London broil is cut from. As far as cheap cuts of beef go, top round roast is relatively lean and flavorful since this muscle isn't as heavily worked. Roasting is the best cooking method for top round roast, although it can also be used for quicker-cooking stews and braises.

What are the health benefits of London broil?

What Are The Health Benefits of London Broil? Weight Loss: Protein is a front-line component for each dieter. ... Neurological Health: London broil is the main source of nutritional zinc for Americans. ... Avoidance From Heat Disease: Cholesterol and LDL is one of the major reasons for many of the cardiovascular disease. ... More items...

What does "London broil" really mean?

A London broil is a lean but tough steak that is marinated and then grilled or broiled . What Is London Broil? Originally London broil was made with flank steak , but over the years, the name has been applied to many other lean, thick cuts of beef, such as top round.

Is London broil the same thing as brisket?

London broil is a term that gets applied to several different cuts of meat, but it's usually a flank steak (which comes from further back on the animal, just in front of the hind legs), not a brisket. Like brisket, a whole flank steak also has a wide, flat end and a pointy, thinner end.

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